Freestanding & Linking Screens


Feet Options

Full Grey Foot with Castors
Full Grey Foot
Full Maple Foot
Half Grey Foot
Half Maple Foot

Edge Finish Options


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I specify the size of a Screen or Desktop?
A. You must quote metric sizes when ordering. You must state the height first followed by the width.

Q. Do you have a choice of feet on a free standing or linking screen?
A. Yes, you have a choice of grey or maple, full or half feet. If you do not specify, you will automatically receive grey full feet.

Q. Do I have a choice of profile on a free standing or linking screen?
A. Yes, you can have a Wave (WFS) Curve (CFS) Angled (AFS) free standing or a Wave (WLS) Curve (CLS) Angled (ALS) linking screen

Q. Is there any limitation on the profile sizes?
A. Yes, the wave and curve profiles are limited to a standard drop of 200mm. E.G 1600h-1400mmh

Q. What trim choices do I have on all screen and desktops ranges?
A. You have a choice of Maple, Grey or Fabric edging.

Q. Do I have to state a trim on a screen or desktop?
A. If no trim is stated, you will automatically receive a fabric edge.

Q. Can FS or LS screens be made mobile?
A. Yes, you can have normal castors or locking castors

Q. Can screens be linked in clusters of 3 or 4?
A. Yes, we can supply 3 or 4 way linking strips to join a cluster of Screens together. Linking strips are available in Maple or Grey, if the colour isn’t stated you will automatically receive Grey.

Q. Are your screens and desktops pinnable?
A. No however, we can double foam our screens and desktops.

DISCLAIMER NOTICE FOR SCREENS & DESKTOPS- If you order any screens or desktops above our largest size of (Screens) 1800h x 1800w or (Desktops) 480h x 2000w a disclaimer will be placed against the order stating that the product has been made to a client’s specification and may not meet health and safety regulations.

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